Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Film festival

Ho like the film festival that day was it so very cool it was so in mass in the thin that i really like is count on me that the fist thin that i like the 2 wno is te new room 15 and it was so funny when you see it. On the way they when we got out off the bass we all got in to ally lion then we went up into the movie when we got in there the girl got to go all the way up to the top and the boys has to stay down the after wno and then when the after school came we all wach the film festival
after that we went back into the bass and went all the way back to school when we got back to school we all had lach.

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Mr. Hutchings said...

Hey Ronald, sounds like you had a good time at the film festival. I think you need to go through your writing and edit it as i found this piece a bit difficult to read, remember to edit for sense :)

Have fun and keep writing :)