Tuesday, November 15, 2011


On Thursday we went out onto the court to learn how to play tennis. As we got there
we sat down on the ground. Then Marcel explained to us how to hold the racket and showed us some skills, like serving the ball and how to hit it to your partner. Then we did some skills like hit the ball up and down on the racket and how to hit the ball on the side of the racket,it was so hard I couldn’t do it properly.
We got into partners to play tennis. After we learned how to play, we started our game, but some people kept on hitting the ball far onto the field and I had to go get the ball and bring it back. Tuipulotu served the ball to me then we kept on going until marcel said stop,it was time to pack up.
I really enjoyed the tennis game,it was different from the other sports that i have played,
and it was so much fun.:)

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