Monday, November 14, 2011

In the holiday

Splash! i ran into the pool and it was faining when i got in the pool then i went it the hot pool because it was cool. After that i went on the slay and we block the weather and we went down
first and i went around in the saly and at the enad of the saly and i hit may class in the
head and then after we went to the hot pools and some off as put a head in the wather.
Then we went to go and get chasl and it was a lone whay back home.when we got home
we play the game and head dinnay then we whash the mover and after the move we all
went to bed. The next day we all got up for beach and we got rend to go out and play
at the play guned and it was so fun they was lot poeple when we went out to play
after we finsh play we got read to go out and had fun in the holiday.

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