Tuesday, November 30, 2010

wolf spider

Special features:Their babies crawl on their mum’s back
and the mum carry their babies around where she goes Wolf spiders don’t have
webs.Wolf spiders have very good eyesight and they can run fast.
The babies can live for 2 years and they have a lot of hairs on them
and the colours are brown or grey. They run around at night to get their


Ms T @ PES said...

Kia ora Ronald. This is a very good post about Wolf spiders. Are they the spiders that are sometimes found on water? I remember as a child seeing some in our old swimming pool in Waimate North. I am pleased that you are posting regularly - well done and make sure you thank Miss Jacks too.

Michael said...

These are nice and accurate facts about wolf spiders. Thanks for sharing. Do you also know that a wolf spider can reach a size of up to 1.2 inches (body only), they use their strong cheliceraes to crush prey, and they can inflict sharp stinging bites on humans? See more here: http://www.wolfspiders.org