Monday, November 29, 2010

The Wheelchair Wheels

Matt and Milly went down on there bikes and into the mud.Then they went Swoosh
into the air and mud went all over them. Milly asked Lee if he wanted to go down the
hill. When Lee went down the hill he hit the rock and went into the mud and got stuck.
So Matt and Milly came to help and they pulled him out.But a wheel came off.
Milly went and got Mum but she couldn't get the wheel back on. So Mum took
the wheelchair to the garage man. He couldn't put the wheel back on so the garage man went away and came back with some motorbike wheels. Everybody was happy because they thought it looked

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liz.jacks said...

Hi Ronald. Your book review looks good and I like the picture you chose. I think your typing is beginning to improve! See you soon. Miss Jacks