Friday, March 25, 2011

camp TC

On Monday we went to camp. first we put our bags in a group, then we sat on the floor
in the hall. A little later we went to go and put up the tents. When we were done we went
and got our bags and put them into the tents. Next we went to go and play games.

On Tuesday we got up and had something to eat in the morning. After that we got
ready to go to Rock Up. We went to the bottom field and came back to school then we had Hamburgs for Dianne.

On Wednesday we got up then we went to Swimarama. Before we got there we got our togs
first. Then we went on the bus to get they. When we got there we got in to our togs
then we went to go and sit on the floor. Finally we had a swim in the pools and some
people did some bombs in the pools and people were playing tiggy in the pools.

After that we went to go and have some thing to eat for lunch then we went back in the pools but some y8 went to the diving pools and it was fun there. Then we got out of the pools and got readyto go back to camp at school.

When we got back we went home. It was fun at Camp TC.

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Miss Walker said...

Hi Ronald, Sounds like an action packed camp. I like the way you wrote about heaps of things you did at camp.