Friday, August 6, 2010

Maritime museum

On Thurday we went to the Maritime museum and all the year 7's went on the bus.
We got to the Maritime museum and we went into the room. Room 19 went to see the movie and room 20 went on the boat. When the movie finished we went on the boat and room 20 watched then movie. We got some sticks and strings to do activities with and we also went under the Habour bridge and saw some poeple jump off, it looked fun jumping off but we had to go back to the Maritime museum.

Finally we went back on the bus to school and then we went home.


Anonymous said...

Kia ora Ronald, I enjoyed reading your blog and the pictures you chose were great!
I was wanting to know what the video you were watching was about. I also wanted to know if the people jumping off the bridge were using a bungee cord or parachute?
It sounds like it was a exciting trip.
Keep blogging and writing your stories I can't wait for the next installment.
Matua Wyllis

Miss Walker said...

Hi Ronald, I enjoyed reading your report about your trip. What kind of boat did you go on?Would you like to do the bungy jump off the harbour bridge. I think I would be too scared.