Monday, December 15, 2008

This is a story I have read that I like.

Jolly Roger and the Treasure

Jolly Roger went for treasure.
Big Pirate and Little Pirate went, too
I am going to look for a Box said Jolly Rpger.
The treasure is in a box. We will look for it here on
the beach,'' snid the pirates. Go away, Jolly Roger,'' snid
Big pirate. We are looking here. You go and look on the hill.''
Jolly Roger went up the hill. away went his hat! My pirate hat!'' said
Jolly Roger. Jolly Roger ran after his hat. He ran dowe the hill. ''Jolly Roger
is not going to find the Box,'' said Big pirate. We will find it,'' said little pirate. Here
is my hat said Jolly Rogre. And look! Here is a big box. Come and see my treasure!'' shouted Jolly Rogre.

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